Patosha ‘Coach Po’ Jeffery is the founder of Patosha Jeffery Basketball, a girls basketball performance development company dedicated to helping players understand basketball in order to play at a high level and possibly at the collegiate level. She is also the founder of MemphisGirlsBasketball.com.

Patosha Jeffery was a talented player at the junior high and high school levels. She accepted a college athletic scholarship at the University of Memphis. However, she had some periods of struggle on the court while in high school and on the collegiate level. Those struggles inspired her to mentor players through their hardships and struggles in basketball and to help them obtain a college athletic scholarship. Since then, she has mentored numerous players and helped dozens get scholarships and play college basketball at schools like Arkansas State, Auburn, Colorado, Florida, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Memphis, Ole Miss and Southern Mississippi.

Patosha’s mission is to “Add Value to Others through Inspiration and Participation” and “To Mentor Young Ladies through the Process of Excelling in Basketball”.

Highlights from Patosha’s career includes:

– Donating over 3,318 individual bottles of Ensure nutrition shakes to the American Cancer Society through her Granny’s Girls Basketball Camp since 2008; 268 Bottles in 2016

– Having over 81,000 views of her girls basketball articles on ezinearticles.com since 2007

– Having over 1,695,000 views of her girls basketball videos on youtube.com since 2007

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