June 2014 Lifestyle Report

What a month. This month started on a complete high and dropped me so low I don’t know how I made it through. The rain drowned Memphis during the first couple of weeks adding even more gloom to the mood. Sometimes life really knows how to knock you out. As I get older, I reminisce about my childhood and how things really were so simple. All I had to focus on was school and which toy to play with. Then you grow up to more decisions, worries and responsibilities. “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY” (Showing my age.)

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May 2014 Lifestyle Report

There were some challenges this month. My mom wasn’t feeling very well throughout the month and was eventually admitted into the hospital. It was very stressful on me. I went into a funk for about a week because I was simply exhausted from worrying about my mom and my activities during the week.

During the week heading into Memorial Day, I took a  a couple of days off from work to get some rest. I couldn’t focus on anything at work. I really did not need to put any focus on any basketball related activities. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to shut basketball down. But I did. The down time really helped me recharge.

Memorial Day weekend was great. I was able to spend time with my family, help my mom out in the kitchen and just be home. If I was still coaching, more than likely, I would have been on the road coaching in a tournament. Several times over the weekend, I thought about that and to be honest I felt relieved that I wasn’t on the road. It really felt good to spend time with my mom, uncle, sisters, nieces and nephew at my home.

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