Memphis Farmers Market Pictures Released


I saw a Twitter post that the Memphis Farmers Market was looking for volunteers.

I clicked the link to check out the volunteer positions. Photographer grabbed my attention.

I signed up to volunteer. Then two weeks later, I was snapping photos at the Memphis Farmers Market.

It was out of my comfort zone. I was super nervous. But, it was such an awesome experience.

I am super excited to share these pictures with you.   You can check them out here

ThrowBack: Spring Show Off Camp

What a blessing YouTube is! I’ve been in the habit of just adding new videos to YouTube. That I don’t look at the very first videos I put on the site.. I was so shocked at the history that was there from my first events and highlights I was creating back then.

Just to give you a little history…. The Pre-Season Show Off Camp actually started as the Spring Show Off Camp in April 2009. I held the Pre-Season Show Off Camp in the fall of 2009.

I’ve never hosted another Spring Show Off Camp, but it gave me the education and confidence to launch the Pre-Season Show Off Camp and eventually the Fall Exposure League.