Foundation of My Success

Before I was The Girls Basketball Trainer, Before I was a Top Basketball Player, I was simply Patosha Jeffery, The Student.. The foundation to my success started with the habits I created as a student:

1) Setting Goals
2) Self discipline to Achieve the Goals
3) Repeat

If you want to know step-by-step how I became The #1 student in my 9th grade class, #2 student in my high school graduating class (Co-Salutatorian, tied with my basketball teammate, what up Sabrina!!), and top 10% in my undergraduate business school class,  email me at
If you have basketball goals, meet me in the gym starting March 12. ONLY $15!!


Happy New Year!

2016 is here!!! I didn’t get a chance to share the last #MGBB Mix highlight video I created of White Station’s junior guard/forward, Damiah Griffin in December. During the holiday season, I attended the Collierville Dragon Fire, MAM Christmas and Blue Streak tournaments. I even took pictures that I will be sharing on

Back in 2006, I decided to take a break from coaching and start training. That was the year that I became The Girls Basketball Trainer. In honor of my 10 years of working with hundreds of players throughout the Memphis area, this year my training session prices will be cut by $10. I will be back in the gym in March and sessions will only be $15.

I will still have a limit on the amount of players that can attend my sessions. So to help me with the management of registration, I will be implementing a new registration and payment system. I’m working to have the system in place by mid to late January. I welcome ALL feedback on your experience with the new registration system.

Happy New Year and I wish you an AWESOME 2016!!!!!