10 Things I Wish I Had Known As A College Freshman

“No matter how smart, resilient, or talented you are – you will always be better when you do it together and allow people to help you. Adjusting to new situations is hard but is especially tough when you try to do it alone.”

—Imani Boyette

I thought this was a good list for graduating seniors about to embark on their first year of college courtesy of former Texas basketball player Imani Boyette.

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Your New Role

courtingsuccessbookThis book should be a required reading during the summer for every freshman college basketball player and I highly recommend it to our graduating Memphis Girls Basketball players…Its extremely helpful in describing the transition (eye opener) you will encounter during your first year of school.. Let me give you a heads up… -BE PREPARED TO ACCEPT A NEW ROLE….. I always tried to explain to players before they went off to school how different basketball REALLY is on the college level.. Now I have a book to recommend..