Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities — I LOVE IT!!!!

What does Infinite Possibilities look like? For Big Sean it’s going back to Detroit where he first imagined a life in music. Big Sean returns to his high school, Cass Tech, to build a recording studio and inspire the imaginations of a new creative class. The Infinite Possibilities of ZX Flux #IMAGINEDBY Big Sean and adidas Originals.

Just Keep Trying


A year ago, I posted a video of my youngest niece attempting to dribble two basketballs on Facebook.. She was unsuccessful.. But that wasn’t the point.. The point was that she tried.. And kept trying.. And kept trying.. And kept trying.. And kept trying… Until on this past Saturday…..check out the video.


There was also a time period when my youngest niece would get so upset because she could not score on an 8 foot goal.. She could not even reach the rim.. So I would tell her to keep shooting.. Once again.. She kept trying.. And kept trying. Soon she was hitting the bottom of the rim… And kept trying.. And kept trying.. And kept trying…Then… My back was turned and they told me she made the shot… I pulled out my phone to get it on video.. She missed 5 shots in a row.. I put my phone up.. She makes 3 shots in a row.. I pull my phone back out… And here you go… (That’s me screaming) My niece had an awesome day on Saturday.

Lesson: It may not work on the first, second, third…………try, but on every try you are getting better and closer to the desired result…