Coaching Changes

College players head into the transfer portal, when their basketball season comes to an end.

When college basketball season ends, there is also a lot of movement with college coaches. 

That is the nature of the business. 

Assistant coaches move to other assistant coaching positions or even head coaching positions. 

Head coaches move to other heading coaching jobs, resign, get fired or even retire. 

It really isn’t any different than other jobs when an individual wants to advance in their career for more money, a different role or title, a different company, a different city or state. It can be any reason.

The difference in college coaching is the effect it has on players on the team and recruits because of the relationships that’s built. 

Head Coach Tracker

There has been a lot of head coaching movement since the season ended. 

As a recruit, you should keep up with the moves head coaches make. 

Check out the Head Coach Tracker here

Recruiting Shutdown

Next week (May 6-12) is the Recruiting Shutdown. That means no form of recruiting can happen from D1 women’s college basketball coaches. 

Most college coaches use the time for rest, relaxation or professional development.

Recruits can use it also.

6 Ways players can use the Recruiting Shutdown.

  1. Rest.  Self care is important, not only for adults, for young athletes also. It is OK to come to a complete stop to rest your body. Take a break from the routine of school to practice to workouts to games to homework.
  2. Review phone call and campus visit notes.

If last week was your first time getting calls from coaches, it was likely overwhelming. If you are used to getting calls and taking visits, it can still be overwhelming. Use this week to review and compare phone call and visit notes. The notes can also be used to come up with new questions to ask. 

  1. Research schools

Visit school websites and their social media to learn about their academic programs, read about their coaching staff and players, and see what activities the team was involved in throughout the year. 

  1. Reflect on what’s important to you 

What are 3-5+ things you are looking for in a school- academics, culture, style of play, coaching staff, location, etc. Write it down. 

  1. Reset your goals 

You have completed a season of high school basketball and jumped right into spring basketball. With this time without distractions from recruiting activities, think about your goals and any changes that need to be made. Write it down.

  1. Register for  NCAA Eligibility Center Free Profile Page account

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“You got to want it first. Then you got to work it. Then you’ll have the opportunity to win it. But it all starts with your want. You got to want this. I can’t want this for you. You got to want this like no other. Then the work has to happen. The work and the want got to add up together to want each other. Then that puts you in the position to win. Ain’t nobody giving you no “W”. You got to go take that thang.”

-Deion Sanders 

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