High School Basketball Season Evaluation

Division 1 women’s basketball college coaches are only allowed 65 days to recruit in a year. This is down from 112 days. This does not include the evaluation months of April, May, June and July. It basically relates to the regular basketball season.

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Early Signing Period

When I was coaching at Southern Miss, people would ask me all the time “Did I miss home/ Memphis?”.  I would always say, “I don’t have time to miss home.”

I really did not have the time to miss home because, as a college coach, you are so consumed with doing the many tasks of your job. 

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Coaching Style

I attended a basketball jamboree over the weekend. There was a coach that was pretty aggressive at correcting her players. She yelled a lot at them. 

During one of the timeouts, a player was being yelled at. The player talked back to her coach. During the next time out, the player did not even go to the huddle with the rest of her teammates. She went directly to the bench and sat down. 

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