Highlight Video Evaluation Example

Recently, I had someone reach out to me to recommend a player to a women’s basketball college program. After reviewing the highlight video provided, I followed up with the individual to let them know the player wasn’t a fit for the school. 

Here are the reasons: 

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Recording Games Importance

Congratulations to the Las Vegas Aces on winning back-to-back WNBA Titles!

Las Vegas closed out the series and won a championship without 2 starters, Chelsea Gray and Kiah Stokes. They also had been without super star veteran and starter, Candace Parker, since July. 

When Candace Parker stopped playing in July, someone from the bench had to step into the role as a starter.

When Chelsea Gray and Kiah Stokes were not able to play in the last playoff game, two players from the bench had to step into the starter roles. 

That’s a great lesson in recruiting. 

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Basketball Season Communication

I was asked on Twitter (X) last week “If I had one, what was my biggest obstacle in communicating with a recruit when I was a college coach.” 

My answer was “The biggest obstacle is scheduling a call with a recruit. Then calling the recruit at the scheduled time and not getting an answer.” 

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