First Evaluation Period

I apologize for the 3 week pause in the Rise and Grind issues.

On March 21, I lost my mom. We learned she had cancer last August. At that time, I became her full time caregiver. 

Writing the recruiting books that I offer and this newsletter was very therapeutic for me, while I assisted my mom. 

Saturdays were my days to go to my favorite coffee shop and write my thoughts for each newsletter issue. Sundays were for revising the issues. 

It’s been a tough 3 weeks for me. I needed to take some time off from social media and from this newsletter. 

Please keep myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers. 

1st Evaluation Weekend

The first evaluation weekend is always exciting! 

Walking into a gym seeing college coaches that you watch on TV. Warming up on the court and seeing college coaches sitting in their section. Having coaches come to your games that you have been talking on the phone with. 

It’s exciting and can also make you quite nervous.

Here are 4 tips to overcome your nervousness:

-Have fun and just play basketball.

-Don’t try to do too much. 

-When you make a mistake, keep playing. It’s OK to make a mistake.

-If you’re not making shots, really lock in on your hustle and defense.

Good Luck This Weekend!

Social Media Set Up

Make it easy for College Coaches to find you this weekend

4 Tips to Set Up your Social Media 

>>Use your Full Name

>>Include your Team Name and Jersey Number in your Bio

>>Pin the Tournament you are attending 

>>Post Schedule Changes and Updates 

4 Ways to get a College Coach’s Attention during the Evaluation Period

  • Be Vocal. Most players on the court don’t talk, even the point guards. If you are talking, celebrating, instructing on offense and defense, it will get noticed. That displays leadership.
  • Give Touches. If a teammate does something good, give a high five. If a player makes a mistake, give a high five along with encouragement. That displays being a great teammate.
  • Sprint to your coach for timeouts or to come out. Most players walk to the bench. If you are always sprinting to the bench, you will stand out. This displays energy and being coachable.  
  • Cheer on the bench. Players are typically quiet on the bench or looking miserable. Be a cheerleader! Be an encourager! This displays being a great teammate,  engagement and how you respond to being on the bench.

College coaches not only look at offensive and defensive skills. They look for the intangibles of being a leader, a great teammate, engaged on the bench and being coachable during the evaluation period. 

How to Get Your First Offer in Women’s Basketball

I finished my latest recruiting resource just in time for the start of the 2024 Travel Basketball Season. 

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“I’m not negotiating with myself. The deal was already made. Deal was made. When I sat out at the beginning of the summer and said this is the training plan that I am doing. I signed that contract with myself. I’m doing it! Throughout that process you’ll start talking to yourself like Man, I gotta; I think I need to; Maybe if we. NOPE! This is non-negotiable.”

-Kobe Bryant 

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