June Preparation

This weekend (May 17-19) is the second evaluation period. 

Then 2 weeks after that is June. 

High school teams usually practice and participate in team camps and leagues through June.  

June is also the start of college camp month. 

Meaning, most women’s basketball college programs host their individual and elite camps in June.  

The Month of June

Final Four Weekend in women’s college basketball is about the National Championship. 

It’s also about education and networking for college coaches. 

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention is always held during Final Four weekend.

Coaches come from all over to connect with friends, interview for jobs and also advance their education on basketball and being a coach. 

June is that time period for players. 

June is the best time to attend camps to increase your basketball knowledge. 

It’s also a great time to meet the teams’ coaches, players and staff, to tour college campuses and facilities and even meet with academic advisors or professors. 

June Scholastic Events 

Last year was the first time that D1 Women’s Basketball college coaches could evaluate high school teams in June.

There were high school teams that missed out on this because coaches were not aware of the new rule. 

June 13-15 is the evaluation period for scholastic events or events for high school teams. 

The permissible times D1 women’s basketball college coaches can evaluate at scholastic events is June 13-15, 2024 (noon Thursday to 6 p.m. Saturday).

The list of approved June Scholastic events for high school teams is available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yRyNj8PFhYvq55wr_1Azz3O1oPs43a1d/view

Complete Scholastic Event details can be found at https://www.ncaa.org/sports/2019/2/19/june-scholastic-boys-basketball-events.aspx

Share this information with your High School Coach so you and your teammates don’t miss out on playing in front of college coaches. 


If your team is participating in camps in June, you have probably already got your dates from your high school coach. 

  1. Confirm with your high school coach that you are participating in a Scholastic evaluation event June 13-15. If not, share the information with your coach from above.
  2. Plan out your June. Research the dates of individual and elite camps for college programs in your area or that’s recruiting you. Individual or Fundamental Camps are focused more on skill development. Elite Camps have a skill development component. However, they are more focused on evaluation of the players. How to Get Your First Women’s Basketball Offer talks more about Elite Camps.

“A lot of people want to win. But not many people want to prepare at the level it takes to be a champion.”

-Coach K

Good Luck This Evaluation Weekend!

College Basketball Academy Deadline Approaching

Website: https://thecbbacademy.com/index.aspx

To participate in the College Basketball Academy Individual Pathway, rising juniors and seniors

1) Must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Register for your Free Profile Page Account at https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/

2) Must Self-Nominate. Self nomination ends May 24, 2024.

Visit https://thecbbacademy.com/sports/2023/9/13/nomination-and-selection-process.aspx for self-nomination details.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

Recruiting Shutdown

It’s Recruiting Shutdown week!

D1 women’s basketball college coaches can’t text, call, follow a player on social media, like a social media post by a player nor host recruits on campus during this week. 

This isn’t limited to players. College coaches are not allowed to make any contact with coaches, parents, family, friends, anyone that’s affiliated with a player. 

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