Post Evaluation Period

I saw a social media post from a Travel Team Coach mentioning going 1-1 on the first day of the evaluation period.  Then he shared that his team has to focus all the way through. 

It prompted me to make the following comment on the post: 

“Keep playing no matter the score. You are still being evaluated on how you respond to playing through adversity. Will you keep playing or will you quit playing while being down, is being evaluated. College basketball is a game of runs and adjustments. The National Championship game (between South Carolina and Iowa) is a great example of that.”

First Phone Call

College coaches typically make phone calls to new recruits right after watching them during the evaluation period. 

The first phone call is to let the recruit know that they saw them play and to get more information about the player.

Coaches may want additional contact information like parent’s name/numbers, social media handles and more. They may ask what the player is looking for in a school or basketball program.

The very first recruiting call I made as a college coach. I was nervous. I really didn’t know what to say. So, I completely understand what players are going through this week.

Here are 4 tips for your first phone call with a college coach: 

Include your Parents on the Call – It’s exciting to have college coaches calling. It can also be overwhelming. Include your parents or an adult on the call with you. This can help you relax, help with answering questions and also hear the information you are receiving. 

Pay Attention – Go into a room or area where there are no distractions. You want to be able to hear and give the coach your full attention.

Take Notes – Have a pen/pencil and paper to take notes during the call. 

The very first thing you should write down is the coaches’ name, school they represent and where the school is located. 

You can write down the questions they asked you. Writing the questions down can help you be prepared for calls with other college coaches. It can even help compare the type of questions and information that coaches asked from each program.

Ask Questions – If something is said that interests you or that you may want more information on, write it down. This will help you come up with questions on the call or for the next call. When you ask a college coach questions, it impresses a coach. It shows that you are serious about your recruitment and engaged on the phone. 

Calls from college coaches is a sign that a school is interested in you. Just be yourself. Include your parents or an adult on the call until you feel comfortable to be on the call by yourself. Pay attention. Take notes. Ask Questions. 

Recruiting 101

Recruiting is a relationship building process. You are getting to know each other during the phone calls. 

Coaches are learning about you, your family, your friends and your goals. You should be learning about them, the rest of the coaches, the players, their basketball system and their school. It happens over a period of time.

After the first phone call, you can call coaches to show that you are interested in their program and to get information about them. 

Also, no question is a dumb question – ask it!

Activity – Post Evaluation Period Reflection

How did you play over the weekend?

Take some time to think about it.

Write down what you did well.

Write down what you struggle with.

Write down what you want to do better for the next evaluation period.

Write down your plan to get better for the next evaluation period.

Start your plan.

“Champions are serial self-talkers. They are continually encouraging and motivating themselves. They talk to their “inner-winner”.


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