Post Evaluation Period

I saw a social media post from a Travel Team Coach mentioning going 1-1 on the first day of the evaluation period.  Then he shared that his team has to focus all the way through. 

It prompted me to make the following comment on the post: 

“Keep playing no matter the score. You are still being evaluated on how you respond to playing through adversity. Will you keep playing or will you quit playing while being down, is being evaluated. College basketball is a game of runs and adjustments. The National Championship game (between South Carolina and Iowa) is a great example of that.”

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First Evaluation Period

I apologize for the 3 week pause in the Rise and Grind issues.

On March 21, I lost my mom. We learned she had cancer last August. At that time, I became her full time caregiver. 

Writing the recruiting books that I offer and this newsletter was very therapeutic for me, while I assisted my mom. 

Saturdays were my days to go to my favorite coffee shop and write my thoughts for each newsletter issue. Sundays were for revising the issues. 

It’s been a tough 3 weeks for me. I needed to take some time off from social media and from this newsletter. 

Please keep myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers. 

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March Madness

Can you believe it!

College basketball season is over!

The NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bracket is set! 

Last year’s tournament was some of the most exciting women’s college games I have ever watched. 

I’m excited to see how this tournament turns out. 

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