Unofficial Visit Planning

A good time of the year to take a visit to a college campus is September or October. You aren’t in basketball season and college programs are also not in season. 

During this time of the year, college programs are focused on getting their players settled into the new school year, pre-season workouts, community service activities, high school visits, and scheduling unofficial and official visits. 

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Coach Po’s Report: Exposure Fall League Week 2

Labor Day Holiday Weekend I took the opportunity to check out Week 2 of the Exposure Fall League in Memphis, TN. The league is made up of 115 players from the Memphis region, Mississippi and players from several cities in Arkansas. 

What really impressed me about this league was the teaching focus for younger players. The early games are developmental games for players 5th grade and up.  The Junior High Division of 7th, 8th and 9th graders was loaded with Arkansas talent. The High School Division did not disappoint with high energy and competition.

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High School Visits

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. 

It’s September, which means most schools are in full swing, fall is near and basketball season is just around the corner. 

D1 women’s basketball college coaches will be in high school gyms on Tuesday and throughout the month. This is the opportunity for them to nurture relationships with high school coaches and show players they have strong interest in them. 

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