Online School Tips

Many across the country are transitioning from traditional schooling, hybrid schooling (traditional and online) to online schooling. This may not be an easy transition for some. I researched tips and came up with some of my own to share with our players. This is what I came up with.

Set goals – If you haven’t already done so, decide what final grade you would like to make in each class. Really be honest with yourself and what grade you feel you can make. This will help you come up with your gpa goal for the grading period.

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Down Times

“During this (down) time of uncertainty is an opportunity for relaxation, recuperation, recharging, recentering, self reflection, self development, career development, goal setting, habit creating, discovery, creativity, bonding, stretching, growing, appreciating, exercising and cooking. Be Safe and always #FocusForward➡️

-Patosha Jeffery