Girls Basketball Beginner's Guide Girls Basketball Beginner’s Guide

Oftentimes, parents of beginners in girls basketball don’t know where to start. The Girls Basketball Beginner’s Guide provides a solution. This easy to follow book describes beginner drills to use for development. Simple tips are provided on trying out for the school team. A breakdown of what to expect during a player’s first basketball game is explained. This easy read will ease the pain for the player and the parent.


Recommended Resource for Basic Skill Level
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How to Increase Your Confidence in Girls Basketball

Sometimes confidence can be the missing ingredient from being average to being above average. The basketball skills are there but you just do not have the confidence to get the job done. Maybe you are in a situation were everything was going right. Then all of a sudden your statistics go down. You may have a bad game or even get injured. How do you rebound from situations like that? This book provides several ways to build your confidence back up.


Recommended Resource for Junior & Elite Skill Levels
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101 Girls Basketball Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes provide inspiration, hope and even a sense of direction. They’re great for basketball practices, games and even off the court encouragement. This book is a great resource for coaches, players and parents of basketball players.

Recommended Resource for Junior & Elite Skill Levels
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Shooter75.2 How to Become a Pure Shooter

Whether you are a beginner in girls basketball or experienced, you can benefit in a big way from becoming a pure shooter. Learn the proper way to shoot a basketball step-by-step.
Discover the correct positioning of the hand, arm, shoulders and feet.
Discover what shape your arm should make.
Understand what not to do with your elbow.

Recommended Resource for Basic, Junior & Elite Skill Levels
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