Giving Up

If ‘giving up’ was the only price to pay to achieve your dream. Would you go for it!

Give Up:
Play Time
TV Time
Computer/Social Media Time
A few dollars


The Attraction of Success

Word of advice: You can’t rest on past success. You can’t rest on today’s success. Because there is always someone trying to get your spot. Even the people you least expect.. Success is attractive. Success attracts attention. Success attracts selfishness and selflessness . The selflessness is just as dangerous as the selfishness. Be aware of who you let close as you climb the ladder of success. You may think they have your back and your best interest at heart, when they are staying around to give you a push off the top. In the words of Drake—#NoNewFriendsNoNoNo #StayAwareMyFriends#KeepDreaming#KeepWorking#TheSacrificesAreWorthIt

#GymRatMonth vs #DevelopmentMonth

As I have a moment to catch my breath during my 4 day stretch of camps tour, I am overwhelmed with happiness at the amount of basketball camps and leagues going on in the surrounding region of Memphis.. I’ve been calling June #GymRatMonth lately but I use to call it #DevelopmentMonth… I want to challenge players to take advantage of this month and attend at least 1 camp during this time.. If you are able to, attend at least one college camp whether it’s an elite camp, fundamental or position camp.. Area coaches – it’s also the perfect time for you to add to your knowledge of the game… College Elite Camps are great opportunities to get a nugget or two, learn a new drill or even have the opportunity to ask a college coach questions about the game…..