Don’t Quit on Your Dream

I shared this on Facebook on the evening of the last day of the Fall Exposure League.

I just want to share some encouraging words to those that really need it right now….. Don’t Quit!!! It’s not always easy to fight for your dreams, your goals, and your passion… I am so thankful to have parents, siblings, my former players, former area Memphis players, classmates and friends that support me in my basketball endeavors –An awesome support system.. There are times when I get worn down.. When I’m exhausted and overwhelmed with tasks.. At times I even lose confidence in what I’m doing… I also understand that everybody will not be for you.. However, it still hurts when you learn that people you consider close friends tell others not to support you….. But you still must press on… See people will never understand why the desire burns inside of you.. People don’t know your story.. People don’t know your WHY.. People, family and friends don’t understand what motivates you to put in an extra 20 to 30 hours a week into your passion and dream after you already worked 40 hours at your job…These past 5 weeks were rough on a sister and I still got 2 more weeks of events to go..But when I sat down to talk to a parent today and she said two words to me “Thank You” and it put me back on track… I walked to the other side of the gym and another parent said two words to me “Thank You” and it increased my confidence a little more.. I walked to the other side of the gym and a player said to me.. “Patosha when I graduate from high school, I want to come back and help you…” That made my day!!! I got reminded a couple of weeks ago that you never know what these kids and young ladies are going through at home.. And sometimes, a lot of times, basketball (sports) is an escape for them.. Participating in my league and hanging out for 1-4 hours in a comfortable gym is a relief to them….. I’ve been giving back to the young ladies in Memphis through basketball since 2002.. And I don’t see myself stopping any time soon… So for those that’s thinking about stopping and quitting on your dreams, goals and passions.. My words of encouragement is Don’t Quit.. Don’t Quit because you don’t know who you are inspiring.. Don’t quit because you don’t know who you are helping directly or indirectly… Don’t quit because you are closer to accomplishing your dreams and goals than you realize.

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