Hardest Working Woman in Memphis Girls Basketball

Give it up for the Hardest Working Woman in Memphis Girls Basketball (Positive Affirmation)…. I actuallimg_6904y started calling myself that right before kicking off the Fall Exposure League in August…I also started using the hashtag #MVPMode (Positive Affirmation) to motivate and inspire myself when I started back working out….Because I am hyper and tend to get too amped up at times, I was overdoing it in my workouts so I had to slow down (Roadblock, ups and downs).. Success does not come easily but you have to keep going (Persistence). I always had a vision to turn Memphis into a Mecca for girls basketball.. People looked at me crazy. (Every one won’t catch your vision) Sometimes I think I am crazy for still being involved with girls basketball. (Self Doubt) However, I’m just doing what I have always done since I was around in the 4th grade, had a basketball in my hand everyday (Passion). Now I just carry them in the trunk of my car. I have been out here in some capacity helping the young ladies in Memphis for quite some time. I’m wiser, more confident, and realize that I have to continue to be a student of the game (10,000 hours). All the years I’ve been around has not been to waste (Trust the process). It’s been a long 15 years out here going to games, making highlight videos, creating websites, blogging, educating, coaching and training. Just recently, I’ve been experiencing everything coming together….Funny how things happen when you create a vision board (Know where you want to go).


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