How to Get a Girls Basketball Scholarship: Number 1 Thing to Do Today

I have been around so many talented girls basketball players. However, it’s so frustrating to watch these players enter their senior years with little to no opportunities to play basketball on the college level.

I watched one player become one of the most prolific scorers of her city. The summer heading into her senior year she was the talk of summer travel ball. She had evaluators talking about her performances left and right on websites, Facebook and Twitter. Yet, her parents were panicking because it was not turning into scholarship offers. As a matter of fact, she only had 1 scholarship offer and she took it. Unfortunately, she was looking to transfer before her college freshman season even started.

I don’t want you to fall in the same trap that so many players do. They don’t create options for themselves. They play on their school team. They play on their local or regional AAU/travel teams. Then they stop. They think that’s all it takes to get recruited.

Just playing in basketball games do not get you a scholarship. It will take some work on your part off the court. I will start sharing things you can do in my upcoming blog posts to create more options for yourself.

So the number one thing you need to do today is decide — are you going to be a “player” or a “doer”?

Players will continue to play on their teams and take the chance of getting noticed by a college coach.

Doers are going to do the necessary work to make sure college coaches know who they are and know that they are interested in their college basketball program.

I hope you decide to be a “doer” today.

Leave a comment below and let me know which one are you.

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