It’s My Anniversary!

I’ve been a women’s college basketball coach for 365 days. I’m still pinching myself. I received so many congratulations. People told me how proud they were of me. People told me that they didn’t know what took so long. College coaches told me “wait-a-minute, I was about to sign up for your scouting service”. LOL. 

It’s been an unbelievable year! I couldn’t imagine a more eventful career kickoff than what I had. Within my first 6 weeks, I travelled from Memphis to Louisville to Kansas City back to Memphis to Hattiesburg to ALL OVER ATLANTA to Hattiesburg to Costa Rica. 

Did I mention that I was still living in Memphis during that 6 week kickoff? YEP! Everything went so fast that I hadn’t even had time to actually move to Hattiesburg, MS. I gave my previous job of 18 years a 7 day notice of my resignation. Everybody at my previous job said the same thing – “Now you can go do what you truly love!”

MY FAMILY. It was hard to leave my family. My twin nephews just had their 4th birthday. I wasn’t there to celebrate it. My youngest nephew will be celebrating his 1st birthday this month. I won’t be able to be home to celebrate it. My mom’s birthday is this month. Can’t celebrate it with her!! MY BIRTHDAY is this month. You get the point. I’ve missed out on a lot of events and celebrations that I would normally be attending or even hosting. That’s one of the toughest parts about being away from home and family!

MY HEALTH. My 20 year IT career and 12 years of organizing basketball events prepared me for a lot of the requirements of my job. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING had prepared me for the amount of hours and energy that goes into being a coach on this level. The 6 week career kickoff I mentioned earlier came with 12+ hours of work days. It was July evaluation period which requires prep. Plus the Costa Rica trip required team practices. A LOT was going on. A LOT IS ALWAYS GOING ON. LOL. So I didn’t have the time NOR energy to take care of myself. I slept when I could get the time. I ate the most convenient and unhealthiest things to eat. I drunk coke and coffee, coke and coffee, and coke and coffee. I learned that the FRESHMAN (Rookie) 15 did exist. I gained weight and did not have much energy. As soon as our season ended, I quickly started to fix this. I got my butt back in the gym. I significantly decreased the coffee and the coke. I started preparing my own meals. My focus now is EVERYDAY take care of me. #SelfLoveIsTheBestLove  

THE FUTURE. I’ve grown so, so, so much as an individual and definitely as a coach. It was not an easy decision to leave Memphis. Someone told me just the other day that it took courage to do what I did. I left my job of 18 years for the unknown.

In 2008, I took the jump and started a website highlighting girls basketball players in Memphis. In 2009, I took the jump and started an NCAA certified event. In 2011, I took the jump and started a league. In 2017, I took the jump and started a regional scouting service. And in 2018, I took the jump and became a college basketball coach. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I do know this about my future — I plan to keep jumping!!!! Stay Tuned.

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  1. I’m so glad that you jumped to USM. It was an honor and a privilege to have you as my daughter’s coach for her final year of basketball at USM. You are a tremendous addition to the Lady Eagles Family. The Slidell Crew loves you!

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