Online School Tips

Many across the country are transitioning from traditional schooling, hybrid schooling (traditional and online) to online schooling. This may not be an easy transition for some. I researched tips and came up with some of my own to share with our players. This is what I came up with.

Set goals – If you haven’t already done so, decide what final grade you would like to make in each class. Really be honest with yourself and what grade you feel you can make. This will help you come up with your gpa goal for the grading period.

Review your syllabus thoroughly – Make sure you know due dates of assignments and exams. Mark the dates on a calendar, if necessary. Get an understanding of the online exam process.

Have a daily schedule/routine – Every day get up and go to school; not to your computer. There is a big difference in the mindset. Allow time for breaks. Set your schedule for classroom time, assignment/homework time and study time. Make it a priority to stick to your schedule. Make others in the house aware of your schedule to eliminate interruptions.

Have a Class Time/Study Area – Find a place in the house that’s your designated area. This helps with the mindset that you are going to school; not just to the computer. Make sure others in the house understand, when you are in your area – you would like to not be interrupted.

Participate in class/Ask questions – This will let the teacher know that you are engaged. It provides an opportunity to interact with others. It helps you feel like you are in a classroom environment.

9 Additional Tips

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