P-15 Workout: December 21, 2014

The P-15 Workout is an opportunity to get an extra 15 minutes of individual practice in before or after team practice. You decide if you want to do the workout everyday this week or come up with your own schedule.

This Week’s P-15 Workout: 5 Spot Shooting

Make 10 shots from the following areas of the court: wing (both sides), elbow (both sides), and free throw for a total of 50 shots made. If time remains and you are a three point shooter, shoot some three pointers. Or if you are not a three point shooter, shoot some long range 2 pointers.

Tip: As you shoot, remember to make sure your feet is balanced, knees bent, eyes on target and follow through.

The Extra Mile

The Christmas Break Workout is designed to help you stay in basketball condition while on break from practice and competition. The focus is to help maintain skills of agility, left and right-handed ball handling, and shooting.
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