P-15 Workout: February 8, 2015

February is Free Throw Month.

Tournament time is here. Championships are won and lost with free throws.

The P-15 Workout is an opportunity to get an extra 15 minutes of individual practice in before or after team practice. You decide if you want to do the workout everyday this week or come up with your own schedule.

This Week’s P-15 Workout: Free Throws

Make 50 Free Throws. If time remains, take shots from any where on the court, as long as, it is in your shooting range.

Tip: Take advantage of the 10 second count you have to shoot free throws. You should have a routine established, where as, you do the exact same thing every single time you shoot a free throw. Setting your feet. Bending your knees. Number of dribbles you take. Looking at your target before taking the shot. Lastly, following through.

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