Power5BBall Inaugural Mid America Exposure Camp

My first introduction to Coach Cliff Coleman was at his Inaugural Last Chance Evaluation event in 2016. I was very impressed with the amount of players in attendance for the skill development portion of the event, which was separate from the competition session. Coach Coleman is an AAU veteran and a popular trainer in the Nashville area. He has a unique training style that translates into his Power5BBall events. The format is fundamental intensive, game speed, and progressively competitive based.

The Mid America Exposure Camp had over 80 combined participants from both the middle school and high school sessions.  The middle school players got a great 3 hour series of defensive, ball handling, shooting, game situational drills and 1 hour of 5 on 5 competition. The high schoolers went through similar drills at a faster pace along with 5 on 5 competition. Below are just some of the players that stood out.

’22, F, Sydney Cooper


Immediately noticeable in the gym for the Middle School session was Blackman Middle (TN) ’22 post player, Sydney Cooper. Towering over most of the players and with a mature frame. She had above average handles, good footwork and moved very well during the drills session. Then during the competition portion her skill set really came out. She actively uses her strength for rebounds and to seal defenders behind her in the paint. She is one of the first players sprinting up the middle of the court for outlet passes. She can score with her back to the basket and if double-teamed is aware to pass out to open teammates.


’22, G, Mary Mackie

Middle TN Christian ’22 guard, Mary Mackie,  caught my attention after watching her consistently nail wing to corner 3s during a shooting station. So I was anxious to see if it transferred to the competition series. Her shot wasn’t falling as much during that part, but her confidence, athleticism, speed, unselfishness and handles were on full display.


2026s, Mahogany Brown (front), Tiara Spencer (back)

2026s Tiara Spencer (Lacassas, TN) and Mahogany Brown (Jonesboro, GA) got in on this camp action. Both were the smallest players in the event. However, these two brought their energy, quickness, abilities to follow directions and hooper mentalities to the camp. Remember their names!


’23, G, Cori Allen

Initially standing out at the high school session was the only middle schooler participant  5’8 ’23 guard, Cori Allen (West End Middle (TN)). She already has a great build, confidence, handles, distributor mentality, anticipation skills and willingness to crash the boards.


’19, G/F, Akiraona Stevenson

The most athletic at the camp was 5’11 ’19 G/F Akiraona Stevenson (Lebanon HS (TN)). She is long, slim framed, decent stroke, constantly moving without the ball, gets rebounds, and can shoot the pull up jumper.


’20, C, Katelyn Worley

One of the most dominant in the paint was ’20 6’1 C Katelyn Worley (Riverdale HS (TN)). She takes up space in the paint, bullies her way to rebounds, gets up the floor pretty well, has great body control to catch the ball off the run, get her feet set and finish the shot.

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