Southeastern Elite Exposure Basketball Camp and Combine Teaches

Fifty 3rd-9th graders travelled from North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and parts  of Tennessee to participate in the Southeastern Elite Exposure Basketball Camp and Combine event in Nashville, TN.

Coach Corey Allen

The host of the event is former Tennessee Vol and professional basketball player Corey Allen. He is currently the director of The Family WACG basketball organization. An organization that has been dedicated to developing young talent of 3rd-8th graders.


Lead Trainer, Janna Eichelberger


This wasn’t an event were players were allowed to just go through the motions. I enjoyed watching the lead trainer of the event, Janna Eichelberger. She set the expectations of the camp during the initial warm-up by stopping 2 of the smallest players and addressing following directions, finishing the drill out and not taking short cuts. She didn’t stop there. Throughout the camp you would see her going by stations, stopping the drill and correcting players or to reinforce a point.


I mentioned on Twitter, while at the event, that I thought the ’21 class was talented and that it’s some 22s and 23s that can hoop!  Others will soon understand exactly what I was talking about as those players begin entering high school next fall and the fall after that. Until then, here are a just a few of the event standouts I’m sure you will start hearing about soon.


’22 PG Jada Woods


The first player to catch my attention was ’22 PG Jada Woods (Nashville, TN). During one of the skills stations, I noticed her explosive first step. Then I saw the way she handled the basketball and how comfortable she was with it in her hand and how she passed it. Those skills transferred into 5-on-5 play.  She attacks the basket very well and can catch defenders off guard with her quick and effortless change in directions.


’22 Post Teiona Wedley


Of course when you are one of the biggest players in the camp, you will catch my eye. ’22 Post Teiona Wedley (Humbolt, TN) did just that. She’s an around the basket scorer with shot blocking abilities. Her size would make you think she stays around the block. Teiona has some versatility about her game. She is actively cutting to the basket and from the wing she can attack the basket for the score.


’23 G April Hooks


Two players from Alabama have me thinking about expanding my scouting service to their state. ’23 G April Hooks from Trussville, AL repeatedly got to the basket off open court penetration. She has great size and a nice 3 point shot. I’ve attended two Nashville events over a period of 3 weeks. Also at those Nashville events, ’23 G Jaedyn Speights from Huntsville, AL. She plays with energy, hustle and has quick feet with abilities to lock down players on D. Another player who was in attendance at both Nashville events was ’23 G/F Makyah Thomas-Malone out of Memphis. She is a high motor two-way player with a lot of versatility.


5th grader Tyler Jones


I will be keeping my eye on another Memphis player 5th grader, Tyler Jones. During the 5-on-5 part of the event, she was moved from her age group up to play with the 7th graders. She’s 5’5 and growing with length, point guard skills and scoring abilities.


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