#ThePJReport Profile: Team Memphis Elite

Lauren Avant – Tennessee/Rhodes College
Danielle Ballard – LSU
Lauren Douglas– Northwestern
Symone Daniels – Drake/Rhodes College
Hasina Muhammad – Auburn
Jasmine James – Georgia
Sarah Watkins – Arkansas

The players listed above is just a small part of the history of the Team Memphis Elite organization. There was a time when the program was one of the largest in Memphis. They had a pipeline of young teams, middle school teams and high school aged teams, which led to them cranking out high level collegiate players. There is a lot of excitement around the program today because they are poised to start the trend again.

Coach Greg Stewart

This spring Eric Daniels and Greg Stewart are spearheading 3 squads into the evalution period with all levels of talent. You can catch them at the Deep South Classic in North Carolina.

Coach Eric Daniels talks TME program and upcoming season:


Memphis Elite- Stewart
1. Nya Stewart– G 5’9 Arlington
2. Karlee Bates– PG 5’8 Arlington
3. Shelbee Brown-F 6′ 1 Southwind
4. Mattison Patton 5’4 Southwind
5. Jamyria Bolden F 5’11Southwind
6. Kianna Hardaway 5’9 Jonesboro
7. Mikiya McAdory-C 6’0 Marion
8. Ta’kyla Allen-G 5’9″ Forest City
9. Amelia Simpson-F 5’11” Bolton
10. Bacardi Peoples– G 5’6 Overton
11. Ashley Hopkins– F 6’2 MBA

Memphis Elite Platinum
1. Cameron Lewis-G 5’5 Dexter
2. Rikiyah Curtis-PG 5’6 MBA
3. Nykia Perkins– F 5’9″ Manassas
4. Kamyiah Tomlinson– F 6′ 1 Millington Central
5. Annie Washington– F 5’10 Haywood
6. Shikrah Drake– G 5’9 Haywood
7. Kihra Borders– C 6’0 Arlington
8. Anna Redman– G 5’7″ Tipton Rosemark
9. Jalancia Kolheim-G 5’8 Tupelo

Memphis Elite- Daniels
1. Samaya Brooks– W/F 6’0 Pontotoc High
2. Angela Middleton– W 5’11” Pontotoc High
3. Leah Jones– F 6’2″ NorthPoint
4. Sage Hawley– F 6’3″ Harding Academy
5. Brianna “Shrimp” Cook G 5′ 8″ Central
6. Aryah “Ryi” Hazely– PG 5’8″ West Memphis High
7. Shadaesya “Dae Dae” Glover– G 5’7″ Haywood High
8. Tatiana Gary– G 5’9″ Houston High
9. Jony’a Jones– C 6’4″ Manansas High
10. Jinayah Hinton– SG 5’7″ Tupelo High
11. Deja Pryor– G 5’7″ St Benedict
12. Ciara Taylor– PG Dyer County High

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