Walking Trail Discovery Photoshoot

Before I get to my awesome photoshoot, here are a couple of discoveries from this week. I almost had the pleasure of stepping on this little fellow. Just kidding! I did almost step on this baby turtle until I realized what it was. So Cute!

This next discovery is self explanatory by my twitter comment.

Now to my photoshoot – So I go outside last week, like any other day for my daily walk, I run into a lizard and freak out and run away. LOL. I make my loop and notice cardinals flying around looking beautiful. I make another loop back around on the trail, lizard is still there and I notice the cardinals again. Next thing, I look to the right and see this GIGANTIC bird standing around. I was like what is that – I got to get to a picture of this WITH MY REAL CAMERA – LOL. I go back and get my real camera. The cardinals are no where to be found! The gigantic big is no where to be found. But guess who is still hanging out – the lizard. I said to myself – I’m not gonna be afraid – I’m getting a picture of you. I didn’t get extremely close. But he stuck around for me to take numerous pictures. I picked out five to  share from the PHOTOSHOOT.. LOL

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