Where to Get Books in Memphis for Really, Really Cheap

I’m gonna tell you a secret about me. OK, here goes… I’m cheap.. Yep.. I said it.. I hate to spend MY money.. LOL

So when I have to spend MY money, I don’t like to spend very much of it.. Especially when it comes to buying books..

I prefer to get books for free.. And sometimes I’m able to get books for free.. Here’s my secret to getting books for free.. I go to Google.com. Type in the title of the book and put PDF behind it.. Then search.. What I look for is a page that gives me direct access to the PDF version.. Not a website that ask me to download a file…Sometimes I get lucky and get access to the PDF version of the book..

I don’t always like reading books from my computer, phone or tablet.

So to get actually books, for really, really, cheap, I go to the Main Library on Poplar. Well, it use to be called the Main Library. Now it is called the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.

There is a used bookstore within the library called, Second Editions. I’ve been going there for a few years. I actually went yesterday. To give you an idea of how cheap the books are, I bought the book Good to Great for $2.50. I got the hardcover version without the book cover on it. You know the pretty paper that covers the book. They had one with the cover on it for $3.50. But like I said, I am cheap. So no book cover was good enough for me.

The book is available on Amazon for .25 + $3.99 shipping charge. A new copy sales for $16.94.

The bookstore also sells magazines for .25. You may even luck up and get the current month’s issue.


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