2023-24 D1 Women’s Basketball Recruiting Calendar Released

My 1st week back in Memphis was busy!

First, I attended a private dinner with new Memphis Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Alex Simmons. 

While at the dinner, I got an invitation to watch the Lady Tigers Open Practice. 

Plus, the NCAA hosted the Inaugural College Basketball Academy in Memphis. 

What a week to return home! That’s not even the highlight of my week!

It was also my birthday week!! 

I had a huge Welcome Home Birthday Celebration. I was so excited to see my family and friends!! 

I laughed, talked and took pictures all day! I had such an amazing time!

It feels so great to be home!!! 

2023-24 NCAA D1 Women’s Basketball Recruiting Calendar

The 2023-24 recruiting calendar is out!. 

Last year’s calendar had 2 major changes to it. A June scholastic evaluation period for high school teams and a non-scholastic period for the College Basketball Academy.

Because both were new a lot of people didn’t know about it. Some high school coaches didn’t realize there were events scheduled that college coaches would be attending. There were lots of players and even coaches feeling left out of the College Basketball Academy. 


Let your high school coach know that the June scholastic period is June 13-15, 2024. Also share this link with them to get more information https://www.ncaa.org/sports/2019/2/19/june-scholastic-boys-basketball-events.aspx

The College Basketball Academy is made up of 3 events in 1. A 3 on 3 competition, a travel  team event and an individual event. 

Travel teams qualify through certain tournaments to participate in the team event. 

Players nominate themselves by a deadline to participate in the Individual event. 

The College Basketball Academy will be held July 26-29, 2024. 

Visit the College Basketball Academy website at https://thecbbacademy.com/index.aspx to learn more about qualifier tournaments and the self nomination deadline. 

Share the College Basketball Academy website link with your Travel Coach so they can plan for the qualifier tournaments. 

Recruiting Shutdown 

August 14-20 is the upcoming D1 Women’s Basketball Recruiting Shutdown dates. 

If you are currently being recruited by D1 college coaches, they will not be able to contact you during those days.

If you call or text them, they will not be able to respond. 

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Talk to you next week!

-Coach Po

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