End of Travel Basketball Season

I moved from Hattiesburg, MS back home to Memphis, TN.

Packing gave me the opportunity to throw some things away and also run across things bringing back many memories. 

I’ve run across papers from the very first travel team I assistant coached with in 2003, Memphis Elite. I have pictures from my first ever basketball camp I hosted in 2007.

I have the coaches’ packet from my first NCAA certified basketball tournament in 2010. I have pictures from a luncheon for my own travel team, Team Po Po. Just so many memories— I can go on and on!

I have been involved with basketball for a very long time. I started with a passion for teaching players the fundamentals. That passion grew into helping high school players in Memphis, TN get exposure for college basketball scholarship opportunities. It expanded into starting a regional scouting service covering Memphis, Nashville, Little Rock, and Jackson, MS.

Then shockingly, my passion led to a D1 college coaching opportunity at The University of Southern Mississippi. Now, 5 years later, I am writing you this newsletter. 

What a journey this has been for me over the past 20 years!

Women’s Basketball College Coaches Interest Levels

“According to the NCAA, less than 2% of athletes earn athletic scholarships. It’s important to gauge the level of attention that you are receiving from college coaches so that you know what to expect.” 

By the end of July, girls basketball players have played in 5-6 weekends of evaluation periods. After each evaluation period, college coaches send mail, text messages and make phone calls to players they have interest in. 

The question to ask yourself is “What level of interest have you received from college coaches?”

From April through July, have you received any mail, texts or phone calls with invitations to elite camps, coach introductions or even scholarship offers?

The younger you are you should expect more elite camp invites. The older you are you should expect more phone calls and possible scholarship offers.

If you are in middle school or just entering high school, don’t get discouraged, if college coaches are not showing much interest. It’s OK. You have time.

If you are in high school and not getting interest, you should take some time to evaluate your level of skills.

The transfer portal has changed women’s college basketball recruiting. Getting a scholarship is even more competitive on the high school level. 

Players that have a desire to play on the college level have to consistently work on improving their skills.

You Have to Keep Working

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

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Talk to you next week!

-Coach Po

At my walking spot on University of Memphis campus

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