Blessing Report

This week, I’m blessed I had the opportunity to spend time with 3 entrepreneur friends that shared amazing info, as I start this new chapter in my life.

Last Friday, my mom had a heart procedure done. I’m blessed that everything went fine.

2 weeks ago, I was blessed to be a panelist for the very first time on the recruiting process. Thank you to Jordan Danberry for the opportunity.

3 weeks ago, I was blessed to have a friend treat me to Starbucks and for us to get caught up. ALSO, I was able to get my original location back for my August project!!.

4 weeks ago, I was blessed to reach out to 3 different people for help in getting a location for my August project, after losing my original location. 

5 weeks ago, I was reminded in several ways of how blessed I am to have flexibility in my life, a loving family, and a circle of friends I can count on for encouragement, motivation and accountability. 

6 weeks ago, I was blessed that my mom was able to go home from the hospital.

7 weeks ago, I was blessed to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. 

8 weeks ago, my blessing came during my trip to MTSU to get my niece from school and the conversations we had.

9 weeks ago, I wanted to bless a former player and got blessed by a former player! 

10 weeks ago, a former coworker treated me to breakfast.

11 weeks ago, a $60 Dr.’s office balance was waived.

12 weeks ago, I got a free oil change.

13 weeks ago, someone paid for my Starbucks.

Keep the weekly blessings coming!! 

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