Fall Academic Eligibility Checkup

In the Summer Basketball Season is Over, Now What post, I wrote about preparing yourself for Academic Eligibility to play college basketball. We are a couple of months into the school year. A couple of report card periods and ACT test dates have passed. This makes the perfect time to do an academic checkup to make sure you are on the right path for academic eligibility. This is also a great opportunity for me to share additional beneficial information to you.

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Requirements

Use the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide to do a quick review of the Core Courses, Test Scores, and Grade Point Average requirements for initial eligibility for DI and II.

Tennessee Promise

If you are graduating high school in Tennessee next spring (2015), the deadline to apply for the Tennessee Promise program is this Saturday, November 1.


The last ACT test date for 2014 is December 13. Registration deadline is next Friday,  November 7. The remaining test dates for the 2014-15 period are February 7, April 18 and June 13, 2015.

2014-15 Guides for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Get some of your questions answered about recruitment and academic requirements to play at the different levels:

Division I and II



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