How to Unleash Your Aggressiveness

Jack Russell Terrier SnarlingThe only way to play basketball aggressively is to practice aggressively.

On offense, make up in your mind that the person guarding you is not going to stop you from getting the ball, getting by them, or getting your shot off.

On defense, make up in your mind that the person you’re guarding will not get the ball, get a rebound, get a loose ball or get their shot off.

Set daily goals of how many steals, rebounds, deflections, blocks, loose balls or charges you want to get in practice.

Challenge yourself!

Being aggressive is a mindset. Be confident and don’t worry about making mistakes.

Be on a mission. Be unstoppable. Be undeniable. Be unguardable.

Being aggressive is a habit. Practice time is the best place to develop the habit.

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