Nick Saban’s School of Success

Nick Saban is successful in college football. No question about that. From 2009-2012, his Alabama teams dominated college football by winning 3 National Championships. I thought to myself how in the world is he dominating college football like this. What is he doing? Fortunately, I found an hour long YouTube video of him giving a speech on his philosophy of success and more.

Check out some of his quotes:

What it takes to continue to be successful –

“Success is not continuous. It’s momentary. The biggest requirement to be successful is to ‘be where your feet are’. Don’t worry about the failures or success of the past. Don’t get caught up looking at the future. Think about today. Where are you right now? The best chance you have to be successful is to be able to stay focused on the things that you want to get done and you want to do right now.”

On Being Complacent –

“Complacency is the killer of being successful; the poison that kills all great attitudes because you get satisfied and want to relax. You don’t want to continue to do the things that made you successful. It creates a blatant disregard for paying attention to details and doing the little things right.”

What it takes to win –

“Mindset. 1st – You have to have a vision for what you want to do.
2nd – What is the process it takes for you to accomplish that vision.
3rd – Have the discipline to execute everyday. That’s when most people fall off the wagon.”

Thoughts on  Discipline –

“Everyday we are going to have something that we know we should do; that we don’t want to do. Can you make yourself do it. Then we will have something that we know we shouldn’t do, but we want to do it. Can you make yourself not do it. Undisciplined players do dumb things. Discipline players seldom do dumb things. Which are you?”

Thoughts on Vision –

“Do you want to focus on your vision or be affected about your circumstances?”

“You reap what you sow. You can invest your time or you can spend it. Sit down and evaluate how much time am I investing in my vision that I want to accomplish. How much time am I spending just doing nothing.”

Thoughts on Leadership –

“Leadership is your ability to influence and affect someone else for their benefit. To be a leader you have to care about other people. No one cares what you know until they know that you care

Sacrificing for Success –

“Pay the price for success up front. Got to work. Got to have perseverance. Got to stick with things. You can not have a great victory in life if you don’t overcome adversity. The adversity makes it a great victory.”

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