The Social Media Background Check

One of my tweets got retweeted by a girls basketball player. So I went to the player’s page to see who it was. My initial reaction was “WHOA! I guess I won’t be including her twitter name in any of my tweets.”  The image the young lady presented of herself was just not appropriate for me to forward to someone else, especially not a college coach.

Our local sports reporter once sent a shout out to a young lady that was performing very well nationally in her sport. He included her twitter name in the shout out. Naturally, I went to her page. “WHOA, again!” The language in the tweets was extremely vulgar.

Social media is the way we communicate today. Social media is also the way college coaches perform background checks on athletes that they are interested in recruiting for their programs.

As you look over your Twitter posts, Facebook timeline or Instagram pics, are you representing yourself in a manner where a college coach would say, “She can represent me, my team and our University.”

Or are you putting yourself in jeopardy of having a coach say this about you:



Be careful with what you are putting on your social media pages because more than your friends are viewing your posts.

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