Winter Break Checkup

The Winter/Holiday Break means (for most players) the end of first semester. This makes the perfect time to do an academic and basketball performance checkup.

Things to Think About

How are your grades? Are you maintaining a decent average?
Have you taken the ACT? How did you do?
How are your basketball stats? Are you close to the goals you set for the season?
How many college coaches have you contacted since the beginning of the school year? Did they respond?


Registration deadline is January 9th for the February 7th date. The remaining test dates for the 2014-15 period are April 18 and June 13, 2015.

Continuous Development

Skill development during the season does not require a lot of time, just consistency. Over the past 12 weeks, I’ve posted workouts that can be done either for 15 minutes before your team practice or 15 minutes after the practice. If you’ve been following the P-15 workouts and tips, you should have noticed improvements in your game and an increase in your confidence. If you haven’t been following, starting now gives you enough time to improve for tournament time and Spring AAU/Travel Team Tryouts.

Spring Evaluation Period

April 24-26 are the dates for the Spring Evaluation Period. This is the first time period of 2015 that you can play in front of Division I college coaches at NCAA-certified events. Most players attend these events (tournaments) with a team, however, their are events (camps/showcases) available for individuals not on a team.

With the Spring Evaluation Period only a few months away, its the perfect time to start preparing. My How to Prepare for the Basketball Evaluation Period video is a great resource for teams and individuals. It provides tools and tips to help you make the most out of attending these events.

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Requirements

Use the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide to do a quick review of the Core Courses, Test Scores, and Grade Point Average requirements for initial eligibility for DI and II.

2014-15 Guides for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Get some of your questions answered about recruitment and academic requirements to play at the different levels:

Division I and II

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