2017 Arlington High School Play Day

High School regular basketball season is right around the corner in Memphis which means it is Play Day and Jamboree season. Arlington High School Play Day has been on my must-attend list for several years now and this year was no different. However, this one felt slightly different to me with the amount of players that was not participating or arrived late. But, they had good excuses: It was the first day of Peer Power’s ACT Prep series. A player was on a visit at a university. Then you had some out due to injuries which is not good. My favorite quote is “be prepared for an opportunity, than have an opportunity and not be prepared”. So with players missing- it gave others the opportunity to see some action, gave coaches an opportunity to evaluate different lineups and gave me an opportunity to see players I may not have seen otherwise..

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2017 Preview Camp Middle/High School Sessions Revisited

The Inaugural Preview Camp was established to provide an opportunity for players to grow and add to their individual game before the start of a new season. Through fundamental drills, position-based stations, game situations and heavy competition, players are stretched to grow their skill set and build on their basketball IQ. But not only that, players also learn about success philosophies and championship principals from high-level instructors.

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2017 Barret’s Chapel Middle School Play Day

Coach Natasha Perkins, Barret’s Chapel

Barret’s Chapel’s basketball coaches, John and Natasha Perkins, hosted their 2nd Middle School Play Day. This dynamic husband-wife coaching duo is super dedicated to the sport of basketball and to the players that they coach. At Barret’s Chapel, they are sharing the sideline in a different format with John coaching the boys team and Natasha coaching the girls. I’ve known these two for quite some time. I am so, so super grateful for the support and faith they had in me during my early days of running camps and hosting training sessions.

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