This Bench Rocks!!!

I really enjoyed reading this story.. The theme of my last Granny’s Girls Basketball Camp was Have Fun!! As kids get older and play basketball longer, I think the less fun it becomes for the kids. There’s pressure coming from parents, coaches, media, etc……At the end of the day, basketball is a game. Whether you are in the game or at the end of the bench, enjoy the moment. Enjoy being with your teammates. Just have fun!

“When we write things on the board before the game, one of the things that’s been on there every game since I got here is: Have fun,” ……… “I truly think that 18-22-year-old college athletes should be having fun. They have their whole lives to be grownups. As grownups, sometimes, we don’t let them express themselves the way they want to.”

– Coach King Rich, Count Monmouth


Enjoy this cool USA TODAY article Monmouth Basketball Bench Turns Sideline into Sideshow

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