This is the 26th Issue of Rise and Grind. Meaning, I’ve been publishing this email newsletter for over 6 months. 

I wanted to share with you the lessons I’ve learned over those 6 months.

You May Not Know How to Start

When I started the newsletter, I didn’t actually know how to start a newsletter. I didn’t really know what to write about. I didn’t know how to format it. I didn’t know which day would be the best day to send it out. I didn’t know which email newsletter system to use. Those were all the thoughts I had.

What I did know was that I had recruiting knowledge that I could share. I also knew that I needed to share the knowledge because some players, parents and coaches also don’t know where to start and how to navigate through the recruiting journey. 

Slow Progress is Still Progress

As of today, I have 45 subscribers to my newsletter. I have only had 2 subscribers to unsubscribe. In my opinion, that is a great start. 

To only have 2 people to unsubscribe, while I have gone through the early stages of adjusting my content, delivery and writing format is amazing. Each week you have watched the adjustments of this newsletter and I THANK YOU for hanging in here with me. 

As I Grow It Will Grow

Through experience, I understand that as I grow as a writer, the newsletter will grow in content and subscriptions. I also understand that anytime that you start something new it’s a journey of lack of know-how, failures, adjustments, and then growth. 

A Journey

Just like my newsletter has been a personal journey, the recruiting process is a journey. It is a different journey for every player. 

You may not have known where to start. That’s why I created this newsletter to help guide you along the way. 

You may feel the progress is slow. However, slow progress is better than no progress. Slow progress is a sign that what you are doing is working.

As you grow as a basketball player and as your knowledge of the recruiting process grows, you are putting yourself in position for opportunities to grow.


As school basketball season nears the end, season accolades will be announced and end of season tournaments will be arranged. 

  1. If you receive any season accolades (ex. All District Team, Top 10 in Scoring in City/State, All State, etc) or during end of season tournaments, repost on your social media. 
  2. When your end of season tournament bracket is set, repost on your social media and share with college coaches that’s recruiting you.

“So when I turned 16, that’s when I started my waking up at 5:45, 5:30 coming to the gym at 6:15. I loved walking into an empty gym and being the first person to turn the lights on. Like that feeling is hard to describe. Because this is like, you know, this is my life and this is what I always wanted to do and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”  – Jayson Tatum

Save The Dates 

Evaluation Period April 19-21 

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Recruiting Shut Down May 6-12 

Division 1 college coaches cannot have any contact with players 

Evaluation Period May 17-19 

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Scholastic Evaluation Period June 13-15 

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate High School Teams 

Evaluation Period July 12-15

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Evaluation Period July 19-22

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Evaluation Period July 26-29

Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams and Individual players at the NCAA College Basketball Academy only 

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

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