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I attended a basketball jamboree over the weekend. There was a coach that was pretty aggressive at correcting her players. She yelled a lot at them. 

During one of the timeouts, a player was being yelled at. The player talked back to her coach. During the next time out, the player did not even go to the huddle with the rest of her teammates. She went directly to the bench and sat down. 

College coaches watch you during timeouts and while you are on the bench. They pay attention to how you respond to coaching and tough coaching. I know a head coach that likes to sit directly across from the team benches. So she can have a direct view.

There are some college coaches that coach hard and yell.

Can you handle being coached hard? Can you handle being yelled at?

That’s why it’s important to attend college games of schools you are considering. You get to see and evaluate the coaching style of the coaching staff. 

When you attend a college basketball game, pay attention to the head coach and assistant coaches. 

Pay attention to how the head coach talks to players as they come out the game. 
Pay attention to how the head coach instructs in the huddle. 
Pay attention to how the assistant coaches talk to players on the bench.  
Pay attention to how the players respond to the head coach and assistant coaches. 

Your observation will give you insight on the coaching style and culture of the program. 

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