December Check Up

Since April 1st, I have read my goals every morning when I wake up. Then one of the last things I do before going to bed is read my goals again. This is a change from what I did while I was coaching college basketball. 

My 1st year as a college coach, my only goal was to get an idea of what college coaching was about. At the end of the season, I reflected on what I did well, what I struggled with, and what I wanted to do better at. Then I wrote down new goals.

I did this at the end of each season.

After setting my goals at the end of each season, I didn’t look at my goals again until the end of the next season. I had great success because I set goals. However, I wondered how much more successful I could have been if I read my goals more often than yearly.

Basketball Season Evaluation

Getting the opportunity to play college basketball is a really big deal. Only a few get the opportunity of being a college athlete. 

With the changes in D1 women’s basketball recruiting rules and the transfer portal, it’s even harder for high school players to get recruited by Division 1 coaches. 

If you want to play college basketball, you have to be intentional about it.

A part of being intentional is taking time through the year to see where you are and decide where you want to go. That’s what goals help you do. 

You should be several weeks into your basketball season. December is a great time to review how you are playing. 


On a sheet of paper, write out the following 3 questions

  1. What am I doing well?
  2. What am I struggling with? 
  3. What do I want to do better at?

Write your answers next to the questions.

Recruiting Secret

The activity above is a great opportunity to reflect on the start of your basketball season. 

It forces you to really think about what you are doing. It motivates you to become intentional about your performance on the court. It also helps you grow as a player. 

Growth is one of the secrets to getting college coaches’ attention. 

When you continue to improve, your performance gets better; your confidence grows; and your stats go up. 

If you are an improved player each time a college coach sees you play, that will leave an impression on a college coach.  

Save the Date

Last year, a new D1 women’s basketball scholastic evaluation period was added to the recruiting calendar. This provided a summer evaluation period for women’s basketball college coaches to evaluate players with their high school team. 

A lot of high school teams missed out on this opportunity because coaches weren’t aware of the new evaluation period.

The date for next summer’s scholastic evaluation period is June 13-15, 2024

Let your high school coach know so they can add it to their calendar now.

“I worked out like a mad man. I was in the gym all day. I loved to do it. I loved to get better. I loved to challenge myself. But my friends were better than me and they didn’t work as hard and half as I did…I’m putting so much time in and these guys are better than me. The whole thing with me is confidence. I didn’t believe that I was good. Once that kicked in along with my work ethic…That’s when it clicked for me. When I realized these guys can’t stop me.” –Kevin Durant

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