I spent 20 years in Information Technology (IT) before becoming a women’s basketball college coach.

When I started my IT career in web development, the Internet was still fairly new. 

Google was in its beginning stages. There was no such thing as social media. YouTube did not exist. Websites were static, mainly text, not many pictures, definitely no videos and mostly 1 long page. 

Websites were created with code called HTML. I was very good at coding in HTML. As time went by, websites were becoming more dynamic with another coding language called PHP. My manager encouraged me to learn PHP coding and I didn’t do it.

I was successful as a college coach because of the mistakes I made in my first career as an IT Professional. 

Importance of Goals

The biggest mistake I made in my IT career – I did not set any goals! 

Learning how to code in PHP should have been a goal of mine. If I would have learned PHP when my manager encouraged me too, I would have been on the cutting edge of web development. 

That was a lesson I decided I was going to take into my college coaching career.

In last week’s issue, I talked about my 1 goal during my 1st year as a college coach. My goals grew from the 1 line of wanting to get an idea of what college coaching actually was into a full page of goals by my 5th year of coaching.

My yearly goals grew each year. 

My first year, I had 1 goal. My second year, I had a different goal.  My 3rd year, I had 3 goals. My 4th year, I had 5 goals. My 5th year, I had 10 goals. 

As my goals grew, I challenged myself to learn more. As a result, my knowledge as a college coach grew. 


Review the 3 questions and your answers from last week’s Rise and Grind Issue. 

Use the answers to come up with at least 1 goal you want to accomplish before this basketball season is over. 

Write your goal(s) down and read them every day. 

“Scariest place to be is the same place as last year.


-Author Unknown

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