Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. It’s 2024!

In 2023, I started hosting skill development sessions.

I started recruitment consulting. 

I wrote 4 books and I started this email newsletter.

As I look back and think about all that I did. It really is a lot. 

This all happened because back in March 2023 I took time to think about what I wanted to do. 

Some ideas I had to pause. 

I stopped hosting my skill development sessions because of an unexpected family emergency. 

Some ideas lead to bigger ideas. 

I had originally only planned to release 1 book, Sink or Swim, Women’s College Basketball Coach Quick Start Guide. 

As I started sharing girls basketball recruiting tips on social media and offering recruitment consulting, I decided to write more books related to recruiting and expanding into this newsletter. 

I’m looking forward to more ideas and accomplishments in 2024!


Sometimes we focus so hard on the next goal. We forget to celebrate what we have already accomplished. 

Take some time to think about what you accomplished in 2023. 

Did you achieve any accomplishments in the classroom?

Did you reach a goal on the basketball court?

Did you have some success in other areas not related to school or basketball?

Big accomplishments. Small accomplishments. Celebrate them all!!

Academic Check Up

Getting recruited is not only about what you do on the basketball court. It’s also about what you do in the classroom. Make sure you are on track academically to qualify to play college basketball. 

Review Division 1 and 2 Academic Requirements at on.ncaa.com/IE_Flyer

Women’s Basketball Conference Play

Women’s basketball college teams are now heading into their conference play. That means they are competing against a group of teams for a conference regular season championship. 

Their schedule will be more structured with typically 2 games a week, 1 weekday game and 1 weekend game. 

Review the remaining schedules of women’s basketball teams you are being recruited by or are interested in to learn the conference teams they play against, the cities they travel to for conference games and the television networks they play on.

Save The Dates

Evaluation Period April 19-21 
Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Recruiting Shut Down May 6-12 
Division 1 college coaches cannot have any contact with players 

Evaluation Period May 17-19 
Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Scholastic Evaluation Period June 13-15 
Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate High School Teams 

Evaluation Period July 19-22
Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams 

Evaluation Period July 26-29
Division 1 college coaches are allowed to evaluate Travel Teams and Individual players at the NCAA College Basketball Academy only

“Champions don’t need to be asked to do extra work. They do it. They understand that excellence involves doing more than what’s required. The more you put in, the more you get out.”

-Allistair McCaw

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

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