Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I can not believe this is the 20th Issue of Rise and Grind. Thank you so much for being a subscriber. 

This email newsletter started as an idea to expand my teaching of the recruitment process. 

I had fears and doubts. I didn’t know how to format it nor what to include. However, that’s what makes this an amazing experience. It has been a 5 month journey of growth for me. 

It is a gift to have you on this journey with me. 

A Break

Last week was very eventful for me and my family. My mom was in the emergency room on Monday. My sister was in the emergency room on Tuesday. I was in the emergency room on Wednesday. 

My mom stayed in the hospital for 5 days. While at the hospital with her, I passed out near her bedside. 

If you don’t take care of your body, your body will take care of itself by shutting down. Passing out was a reminder that I need to take moments for myself to rest, relax and refuel. 

Last week, I talked about using the Holiday Break to work extra. I want to add AND EMPHASIZE that the Holiday Break is also a great time for A BREAK

It is ok to take breaks. It is necessary to take breaks. 

Cars require periodic maintenance. Computers and smartphones require periodic updates.  Your body requires periodic rest and refueling.

Even D1 women’s basketball college teams have a 4 to 5 day break from practicing and competing for Christmas. It is important. 

Activity 1

Take some time to REST.

First Half of Season Highlights

The Holiday Break is about a midway point of the school basketball season. It’s a great opportunity to create a highlight video. 

If you have been creating micro videos to post on social media, use this point to combine them together to create a full highlight video.

How to Create a Highlight Video Women’s Basketball College Coaches will Love 

I am happy to announce that I have completed my latest recruiting resource just in time for the midway point of basketball season.  

How to Create A Highlight Video Women’s Basketball College Coaches will Love breaks down exactly what you need to put in a highlight video and what not to include.

I also share 3 examples of highlight videos I personally created before becoming a college college. I even include the mistakes I made with the videos so you don’t make the same mistakes. 

This week I am offering my new resource to Rise and Grind subscribers for 50% off. The discounted rate will expire on New Year’s Day. 

Use this link to get the discount. 

Activity 2

Combine your micro videos into a full highlight video or create your highlight video using what you learn in How to Create a Highlight Video Women’s Basketball College Coaches will Love.

“Just a reminder to Rest too” -Coach Po

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