High School Basketball Season Evaluation

Division 1 women’s basketball college coaches are only allowed 65 days to recruit in a year. This is down from 112 days. This does not include the evaluation months of April, May, June and July. It basically relates to the regular basketball season.

To give you an example of how this affects a women’s basketball program’s recruiting:

If 1 coach goes out to watch a high school basketball game, that counts as 1 day. 

If 2 coaches go out to watch different high school basketball games on the same day, that counts as 2 days. 

If 3 coaches go out to watch different high school basketball games on the same day, that counts as 3 days.

Now you can understand how significant it was for the recruiting days to be basically cut in half from 112 to 65 days. 

The change happened last season and affected women’s basketball recruiting.There was a decrease in women’s basketball college coaches at high school games last season.

With the decrease in the days, programs have to be very strategic when they go out to watch games. They will use most of those days evaluating high school tournaments. This gives programs an opportunity to watch more players from more than 2 schools on the same day or days. 

They will also use it to watch players that they are already recruiting. 


Take some time to review your basketball schedule. Circle the tournaments your team will play in. Also, circle the games you are playing against highly recruited players or top players. 

These will likely be your opportunities to play in front of college coaches during your regular basketball season.

4 Don’ts

1) Don’t panic on these game days!

2) Don’t try to do too much. Just play basketball.

3) Don’t look in the stands for college coaches. You should play every game as if someone is evaluating you.

4) Don’t be upset if there wasn’t a college coach at the game. Every game is an opportunity to compete against yourself and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

College Coaches’ Regular Basketball Season Evaluation

Here are some examples of what coaches may look for while evaluating you:

If it is a first evaluation of you, coaches are getting an initial evaluation of your skills. 

If they saw you play during the spring/summer travel season, coaches are evaluating if the skills you displayed are the same or improved. Players may play a different position with their high school team. Playing a different position will display new skills and abilities to college coaches.

If you are in your junior or senior year and you have been recruited by the school for a long period of time, the coaches may not need to see anything new. They know what you can do. They’re there to show you that they are very, very serious about you coming to their school.

“At the end of every day, look yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself this question, did I get better today?” 

-Kobe Bryant

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