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Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. 

It’s September, which means most schools are in full swing, fall is near and basketball season is just around the corner. 

D1 women’s basketball college coaches will be in high school gyms on Tuesday and throughout the month. This is the opportunity for them to nurture relationships with high school coaches and show players they have strong interest in them. 

If a college coach is in your gym, understand they are paying attention to everything that’s going on. They’re watching if you are early or late to practice, if you walk into the gym with energy or not, if you take stretching and warming up seriously and in what manner you listen to your coach.

Here are some tips if a college coach is in your gym:

-Be Early to Practice (You should already be doing this)
-Bring Energy (At the beginning and til the end of practice)
-Take Stretching and Warm up Seriously (It’s important and sets the tone)
-Pay Attention to Your Coaches (Listen and understand the details)
-Work Hard (Be the hardest worker on the court)

Fall Leagues vs Fall Exposure Camps

There are so many leagues and camps hosted before the season starts. It can be confusing to players and parents. 

Something to REALLY think about before attending a Fall Exposure Camp.

If you just spent the past 4-5 months (April-August) playing in front of college coaches with your travel team, high school team and/or attending elite camps, you positioned yourself for the ultimate exposure. How much interest (letters, emails, phone calls, texts) did you get from College Coaches? 

If you didn’t get any interest from college coaches from the past 4-5 months of activities, you don’t need more exposure, you need more development. 

Continuous skill development is the best option for players that didn’t get any interest from college coaches. 

If you want to attend a Fall Exposure Camp, do your research to make sure skill development sessions are included.

A benefit of playing in a Fall League is the opportunity to play pickup basketball in a structured environment over a period of time. You also get to work on a little conditioning, playing for fun with friends and teammates, put into action any new skills you developed over the spring/summer and even try out a different position. 

Playing in a Fall League or Fall Exposure Camp can depend on a lot of factors including your goals, the grade you are in, and the interest you are getting from college coaches. If you have specific questions about Fall Leagues or Fall Exposure Camps, feel free to reply to this email.

Major NIL (Name Image and Likeness) Success Mini Training

Aisha Foy, NIL Educator and Brand Builder,  is offering a free NIL training called How to Get Started with NIL on Labor Day at 6:30pm CDT. Go here to register

If you are unable to attend, follow Aisha Foy on Twitter @NIL_CoachIsh to learn more about NIL and Brand Building.

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