New School Year Checklist

I hope you enjoyed the Special Issue last week and found the tutorial useful. 

September 1st is Friday. You and your coach still have time to get your schedule to D1 women’s college coaches. 

With the beginning of the new school year, I wanted this issue to be a New School Year Checklist:

Set Academic Goals
Set Pre-Season Goals
Review 2023-24 NCAA College Bound Student-Athlete Guide
Create Free NCAA Eligibility Center Profile Page
Register for Eligibility Center Webinar

Set Academic Goals

Your grades are the foundation to your recruitment. The better your grades the greater the opportunities you will have. 

Take some time and think about what grade you will make in each class. Then calculate your grade point average (GPA) based on each class grade. 

Are you satisfied with the GPA you think you will make? If you are satisfied, this is your GPA goal. 

Now go for it!

Set Pre-Season Goals

In September, teams will start Pre-Season workouts, strength & conditioning training and have open gym. 

Be intentional about what you want to get out of pre-season. 

What skill do you want to improve or add? How strong do you want to become? How much time do you want to cut down in running? 

Pre-season is separation season. Separation means something about your skills should separate you from the group to get you playing time. 

Don’t go through the motions during pre-season. Practice intentionally to separate yourself! 

Setting pre-season goals will help you be more intentional.

Pre-season is not just about working out with your team. Meeting your goals can also be accomplished by working with a basketball trainer. 

Review 2023-24 NCAA College Bound Student-Athlete Guide

The NCAA recently released the updated guide just in time for the new school year. This is the ultimate resource for players interested in playing sports at an NCAA D1, D2 or D3 school. 

You will learn about recruiting rules, terms, academic requirements and more. 

You can download a copy here.

Take some time to review it. 

Create Free NCAA Eligibility Center Profile Page

If you haven’t already done so, create your Free Profile page. 

By creating your profile page, you will be assigned an NCAA ID and be updated on any new information about becoming a college student-athlete.

Create your profile here

Register for Eligibility Center Webinar

Click here to register

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-Coach Po

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