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LSU,  women’s college basketball reigning National Champion, first practice is open to the public. What an opportunity that is to watch how a championship team and players practice. If you are in the Baton Rouge area, here are more details about attending, 

Last week’s Rise and Grind issue was about Unofficial Visit Planning. Attending an Open Practice is another form of an Unofficial Visit. As we get closer to basketball season, you will see more Open Practice announcements on women’s basketball college program’s social media accounts. 

Start visiting your local university’s women’s basketball social media to see if they have announced their open practice. If you don’t see anything on their social media, call their office to get the date.

If you are actively being recruited by a school, ask the coaches you’ve been talking to when is their open practice. If they aren’t having an official open practice, just ask what is their practice schedule?

Open Practices is an opportunity to watch a college level practice, pace, drills, and style of play. You get to watch how the coaches coach and how the player’s respond to the coaching. 

This is important as a recruit. This allows you to do your research about the program. As you sit and watch a practice, pay attention to the players that play the same position you play. Listen to the words that the players and coaches are using. Pay attention to how the coaches instruct.

Then ask yourself: 

  1. Can I play in this style of play?
  2. Is this practice culture a culture I would like to be in?
  3. Can I play for a coach that instructs in that manner? 
  4. Would this be a fit for me?

When the practice ends, introduce yourself to the coaches. Tell them your name, school you attend, your grade and position you play. If you have time, you can even ask for a quick tour of their facilities. 

ACT/SAT Test Dates

You are no longer required to meet certain ACT or SAT test scores to play for a NCAA school. However, you may be required to meet it to be admitted into a University. Here are the ACT test dates for this school year and SAT dates for the fall. It’s never too early to take the test.

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