Showing Interest in Schools

If a school started showing interest in you this past summer either by sending you a questionnaire, an elite camp invite or even a scholarship offer, show interest back. We are in the transfer portal age and high school players are extremely affected by the transfer portal. 

Before the transfer portal took over recruiting, scholarship offers were largely for high schoolers. A program may have a spot for a JUCO player or 2 and the rest would be for high schoolers. Now with transfer players being allowed to play immediately. Scholarship offers are largely for transfer players because they can make an immediate impact to a program due to having college level experience. 

High school players can no longer show low interest or ignore programs that show interest in them. They have to keep every program engaged because it’s too easy to go into the portal and get a player with a year or 2 of maturity and college playing experience. 

How to Show Interest

During this time of the year, here are 7 ways to show interest and spark a conversation with college coaches.

  1. If a college coach visited your high school recently, send them a thank you text
  1. Ask when is their first day of practice and if they are having an open practice.
  1. Ask for their practice schedule
  1. Ask them to send you a copy of their season schedule
  2. Let them know you are interested in attending open practice or a practice
  3. Ask them how their freshman are doing and transitioning to the program
  1. Send them your season schedule 

Initial Eligibility Webinar

If you weren’t able to register for the Initial Eligibility Webinar that was held last week, the replay is available.  

It’s almost 37 minutes of packed information about general college admission, academic eligibility for athletes and recruiting.

Access Replay | Access Presentation

Twitter Recruiting Space

Coach William Payne hosted a Twitter Recruiting Space specifically for Class of 2024 and 2025 girls basketball players. Coach Payne’s recruiting spaces are unique because college coaches of all levels attend the space even Division 1 coaches. The coaches introduce themselves and tell what type of players they are looking for. Then players are given the opportunity to introduce themself, share their stats and what they are looking for in a school.

Access Replay

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