Recording Games Importance

Congratulations to the Las Vegas Aces on winning back-to-back WNBA Titles!

Las Vegas closed out the series and won a championship without 2 starters, Chelsea Gray and Kiah Stokes. They also had been without super star veteran and starter, Candace Parker, since July. 

When Candace Parker stopped playing in July, someone from the bench had to step into the role as a starter.

When Chelsea Gray and Kiah Stokes were not able to play in the last playoff game, two players from the bench had to step into the starter roles. 

That’s a great lesson in recruiting. 

My all time favorite quote is “Be prepared for an opportunity, than, have an opportunity and not be prepared.” 

If you’re not getting recruited right now by women’s basketball college coaches, don’t get frustrated. Frustration can easily turn into giving up on your dream and quitting. 

Imagine if the 3 players that got the chance to be starters when Candace, Chelsea and Kiah became injured, would have stopped preparing for their opportunities. 

Continue to improve your skills, add new skills, and raise your IQ in preparation for an opportunity. 

Recording Games

In Memphis, middle school basketball season has started and we are a couple of weeks from high school basketball beginning.

It’s the perfect time to talk about an important topic. 

Record your games. 

During the regular basketball season, college coaches depend heavily on highlights and full game footage for recruiting. 

If you don’t have either, it puts you at a disadvantage. 

Check with your school coach to see if the games will be recorded. 

If they are, find out if your coach will be putting your games on YouTube, Hudl or another hosting platform.

If your games are on YouTube, there is a share function you can use to share the link with college coaches. 

If your games are on Hudl, there is a way to share the full game with college coaches and even a way to create a highlight video of yourself that you can share. 

If your coach is not hosting your games on an online platform, ask if you can get a copy. Then you can upload your games on YouTube yourself or use the footage to create your own highlights. 

If your coach does not record your games, ask your parents or a relative to record your games or see if another parent will be recording the games to get a copy. Individuals even offer services to record for you. 

Recording your game is not only good for recruiting, but also for you to go back and watch yourself. 

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