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I was asked on Twitter (X) last week “If I had one, what was my biggest obstacle in communicating with a recruit when I was a college coach.” 

My answer was “The biggest obstacle is scheduling a call with a recruit. Then calling the recruit at the scheduled time and not getting an answer.” 

As you head into basketball season, understand that college coaches are also heading into their season. Being a college coach is one of the most overwhelming jobs, especially during the season. 

Coaches are preparing for practice, in practice, preparing for upcoming opponents, managing players’ classroom success, leading their position players through meetings, film sessions and extra workouts, traveling for their games, traveling for recruiting, making phone calls to recruits, coaches, and parents. It is non stop. 

It’s so overwhelming that some recruiting activities may move to the back burner as practicing and preparing for games take a lot of college coaches’ focus. 

The season is an important time for players to not let their engagement with coaches move to the back burner too. 

It’s understandable that a player may not answer a scheduled call during the season because they too are having games, attending practice, working out with trainers, doing homework and studying for tests. 

Here are 8 Ways to help you Continue Communication with College Coaches during Basketball Season: 

  1. Set days and time slots for recruiting calls

Decide which day or days you will use each week to reach out to talk or text college coaches. Most college games will be on the same days of the week especially during conference play. Review the schedules of the teams recruiting you to see what day of the week they will have games. Then you can plan your calls or texts around it. Also, if a team is having an away game, the day before the game is typically a long travel day for the team. 

  1. Let college coaches know the best time to call or text you

To make it easy, this can be the same day and time slot you set in #1 above

  1. Let coaches know if you prefer to communicate through phone call or text

This is something you should do on your first phone call with a college coach. Coaches will be OK with the format that works best for you. If you need to change the format during basketball season, let the coach know the next time you speak or text.

  1. If you miss a call with a coach, follow up by text with a time to reach back out.

You don’t want a coach to start thinking that you aren’t interested in their program. If you miss too many calls with no follow up, the coach may stop reaching out.

  1. Have your parents talk 

Parents should also be getting to know coaches during this process. If you aren’t available to talk, let your parents make the phone call. 

  1. Write your questions down

Writing your questions down before the call shows how serious you are about your recruitment. It will help you get the most out of the call. Also, coaches will be impressed that you are prepared and asking questions.

  1. Use Email

If you have additional questions that you forgot to ask during a call or too long for a text, email it. 

  1. No Interest

If you no longer have interest in a school, simply let the coach know. Don’t worry about hurting a coach’s feelings. It’s part of the job for players to not have interest in programs. Also, letting a coach know, frees your time up to communicate with schools you are interested in. 

Questions to Ask A Women’s Basketball College Coach

I released a new resource last week. Get 32 Questions to Ask a Women’s Basketball College Coach to learn how to ask the right questions to get information about your skills, the coaches’ recruiting you, their programs and their players and more. So you can find the right fit for you. 

In Case You Missed It

I also recently released the ebook and workbook, The Girls Basketball Recruitment Roadmap.The perfect guide for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders to learn how to get recruited. 

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